10 Tips for Buying Contemporary Wall Art Online

The online market for contemporary wall art is a far cry from its offline market. Based on the 2016 TEFAF Art Market Report, only seven percent of all art and antique sales across the world happened online; that's about $4.7 billion.

Nearly 97 percent of all art sold online was for less than $50,000. That figure fits in the range of most contemporary wall art.

Although a lot of artists do not intend to sell their arts online, the 2017 growth rate of online art sales is 18.8 percent. While artists are keeping to studios and galleries, buyers are moving online.

What should you look out for when buying your art online? Let's examine ten crucial tips for purchasing contemporary wall art online.

Decide on Your Budget

Great art isn't always expensive. You have the benefit of using filters when buying your contemporary wall art online. You can filter items by price, to fit your budget, while also filtering by artists (and styles), so you don't miss out on your favorite works.

However, with the global art financing market at $7 billion and poised to reach $25 billion, you could own a piece of art and pay over time. 1991 through 2007 saw the market for art grow by nearly six times! 575 percent increase in market size, to be precise.

The last 25 years have witnessed a 200 percent market growth. Art has shown steady growth ahead of inflation and other asset class and has attracted investors in droves.

So how do you benefit from all of these?

If a piece is financially out of reach for you at the moment or you want to collect a bunch of works but can't cover the costs at once then you might want to use financing. Consider using Own Art to get some short-term credit and pay back over ten to 20 months.

Factor Your Space and Display

When buying your contemporary wall art think of the context and where you'd display it. Will this be an intimate piece for a specific room in the house or central to the living room?

You want to be sure the size of the piece. Know your wall dimensions when shopping for the artwork online and focus your attention on only articles that match your intended size. Is your wall in direct contact with sunlight and will it affect this piece in any way?

What mood would this artwork bring to the room?

Research the Art and Artist

Knowing a little more about the history of artwork and the artist behind it builds an intimacy between you and the artwork that goes beyond its visual composition. The story helps you appreciate the art with a profound sense of meaning.

You'd also learn if the artwork is an open or limited edition. If the art is a limited edition, then your hobby might as well be worth a little more than a decoration.

Use Instagram to get familiar with this artist and his work. Using relevant hashtags and his name.

The artist's website is another place to gather information about the artist's work, biography, events/exhibitions, CV, and more.

Fame Has Limits

Yes, buying the works of famous artists is advantageous, no doubt. For example, you'd enjoy the prestige that comes with owning such works.

But fame isn't everything when buying a piece of art. And works of famous artists could be costly too.

You could find something similar to your favorite famous artist's work at a more affordable price.

If an art advisor doesn't help you much, do the searching yourself. Remember you can use keywords and filters to narrow your search to more relevant pieces of art. In some cases, you might even find a piece of artwork that appeals better to you than your famous artist's work.

Know What You Want and Be Open to Change

A benefit of buying online is that you get to look at works from a wide range of artists. It's good to define yourself and know your taste and interests, but don't close your mind. Be open and browse the works of artists you've never heard of before, you might come across something entirely new you'd love.

Get Help and Ask Questions

If it's your first time of buying art for your home and you feel a little overwhelmed, feel free to talk to the online gallery owner. Ask questions about the art's durability and anything else you feel a need to know about.

Shipping Your Contemporary Wall Art

The art world has evolved into a global market. More than ever, galleries are familiar with international shipping procedures and any laws surrounding artworks.

You want to be sure who takes care of shipping, how much it costs, and if any specialized packing or crating would be needed. If an art gallery is coming near you for a fair or exhibition, cut costs by asking them to come with your piece of art (if they allow that).

Don't Sweat the Commitment

Making a final decision on which art to buy is tough on most people. Reduce the panic by buying from a vendor with clearly stated and favorable return policies. If you don't like the art, you could return it (if they allow you to). No stress.

What's Your Style?

Getting clear on what your style is can be hard, especially now that the internet inundates us with options. If you haven't chosen a style of art or found a personal taste, that's where to start.

Style doesn't have to be complex. The idea is to find an accent that suits you. Browse through interior decor magazines, arts, and design magazines, to get a sense of what resonates with you.

Remember that your hobby could define your style. So don't sweat this tip.

Buy from Trusted Hands

Make sure you buy your art from a source you can trust. Good-looking artwork and return policy is nothing if the vendor wouldn't deliver on those promises. Does this vendor respond promptly to messages you send them? Do they have any negative reviews elsewhere online? Are they willing to work with you to find what suits you?


If you're searching for an incredible contemporary wall art for your home, now you know how to find one online. Don't forget to get clear on your style; that's an excellent place to start, even before you need to buy a piece of art.

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